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Taking OUR Class Buzz Outside!

  Classes are buzzing back into Hive and we could not be happier! Sign up via our awesome APP- Hive Muskoka!     hive class poster JUNE JULY OUTDOOR CLASSES HIVE MUSKOKA

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Buzzing the Roadmap!

Hey Hivers! From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for the ongoing kindness, support, encouragement on what has-and continues to be- an incredibly challenging time. For ALL of us. Thank you for the check ins and conversations. Miss seeing you here. Yesterday's...

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The Hive Set Up for Classes starting June 14, 2021

👦Outdoor workouts will be held in the blocked off parking lot beside our studio (so when nature calls, you will have access to our restrooms)

👩 We've got a big tent as well ,Stations will be spaced apart

...👵We also have additional classes at Annie Williams also

👷‍♂️Each class has a max capacity of 10 people in Step 1 of the government’s reopening plan. This will increase to 25 in Step 2

🧘‍♀️With 16 classes to choose from weekly, that’s 160 spots! That’s room for a friend! They can reserve their first class today too! It is all on the Hive Muskoka App

👩‍🏭COVID screening upon entry as usual, you know the drill. Temperature, questions, hand washing.
Bring your mask, but you don't need to wear them while you are working out

We are excited to see everyone returning for group classes and are looking forward to be offering summer sessions!
For any questions, comments or a general HOOYAH- please comment accordingly!
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Classes are coming! Classes are coming!

1. Annie Williams Park
2. Hive Muskoka Outdoors

Stay tuned!

Hey Hivers!

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for the ongoing kindness, support, encouragement on what has-and continues to be- an incredibly challenging time. For ALL of us. Thank you for the check ins and conversations. Miss seeing you here.

Yesterday's ...announcement allows us to plan to move forward with CLASSES!

Effective June 14th ( or within 24 hours fo the Government announcement at what time they choose), HIVE LIVE CLASSES will take place outside in our 2500 square foot, enclosed outdoor space! Yup- classroom #6! We are currently renovating and adapting space to accommodate a variety of classes. I miss Jenni, Mel, Robyn, Tasha, Adam and Jane too! Our running programs are currently being adapted for the updated roadmap.

We faithfully and respectuflly follow and EXCEED all current and upcoming changing guidelines for capacity, coaching, training and community health advocacy. Your health and safety remains the TOP focus.

We are legally open under the OADA re-opening framework guidelines and restrict the amount of persons in during every 90 minute segment of time. Pre booking on the app remains mandatory for gym entry. Our safety plan is comprehensive, detailed and is open for review. Any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with me.

I am sending empathy, love❤, respect and kindness to every small business owner who is struggling, every family juggling online schooling, every awesome kid who is missing their friends, every person who is scared and unsure of what happens today.

Please consider vaccination for the survival of my business and so many others. Waiting for a full open in the end of JULY is heartbreaking on every level.

I want is to be of service to others to increase and energize community health,movement and inspire people to get excited about the wealth that is health. WERF- wellness, exercise,resilience and fun.

We are more than 4 walls and dumbbells- we are the HIVE.

xx fyonna🐝

Follow science, not speculation. Let evidence-based data guide decisions.👈

There is no data that shows fitness clubs and gyms are a significant source of COVID-19 outbreaks. Just the opposite: when we were allowed to operate, we recorded millions of workouts without incident. Safety and... cleaning protocols and with booking software for contact tracing works.

Give health and fitness experts a seat at the table when planning
Fitness professionals have deep experience and expertise. They can help officials make informed, evidence-based decisions about safely reopening and operating fitness clubs.

Phase in capacity restrictions based on our size, not a fixed number
Randomly limiting capacity to 10, 20 or 50 people doesn’t make sense when one location is a small strip mall studio, and another has the floor space of a football field. Allow gyms and studios to gradually and safely open based on a percentage of their space – just like other industries.

Visit our website: https://www.getmovingagain.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fic.ontario/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ficontario/

Q. Why are you doing this petition – what difference will it make?

A. Many people have expressed their desire to return to their gym and are frustrated that their fitness and well-being is not being recognized as part of the COVID-19 solution. They want their voices heard and want to return to their fitness community. As an industry, we are collectively doing everything we can to reopen safely (when the current orders are lifted)with capacity limits based on facility size to support the communities we serve. This petition is a way to show support and influence the government’s policymaking.

Q. There were cases of COVID-19 outbreaks in Ontario gyms, why should we support you?

A. These cases were isolated incidents and quickly contained through our unique ability for contact tracing. The fitness industry has one of the highest safety and cleanliness records. We’ve had millions of workouts without any incidents. Our ability to maintain safe and clean operations is of the highest standards. Our priority is the safety of our members, team and communities we serve.

Q. Why does the fitness industry deserve special treatment over other businesses?

A. We don’t want special treatment, we want equal and fair treatment. Like retail and grocery stores, we would like our capacity limits to be based on size, not a fixed number capacity. Group fitness activities should also be allowed to open indoors with proper safety protocols and capacity limits based on percentage of size within physical distancing restrictions.

Q. Why do gyms want to open now?

A. We are not asking to open during a lockdown. When the lockdown order expires, the fitness industry wants to be treated fairly and equally and be allowed to reopen based on a percentage of facility space capacity. The fitness industry wants to be part of the reopening planning process with decisions based on science and data. We want to represent the millions of Ontarians who want to have fitness part of the solution in combatting COVID-19.

Q. Gyms aren’t essential. You can workout at home. Why do they need to reopen?

A. The fitness industry advocates regular daily exercise whether at home or in a gym. However, many people do not have the space or specialized equipment for their fitness needs. In many cases people need the community and expert coaching and fitness services provided by their local gym to help with their fitness, injury recovery and overall health. What we are asking for is a safe and responsible reopening plan so that we are able to reopen with proper and viable rules as soon as the current orders are lifted.

Some fun and games at Hive.

Stephen is a member of Triathlon Team Canada and rocking his cardio as he preps for a world event in the Caribbean.

Our current regulations allow people to train whose sport has national funding from Sports Canada. We also accommodate for Dr notes ...stating you need to be here ( for all sorts of reasons) and Mobility Taping- for vaccine recovery and injury support!

We are doing our best to thrive and legally complying with every regulation.

More light and equipment AND cool new garage doors for Hive, Len's Carpet Cleaning, Action Centre Elite!!

Next step: adapting 2500 sq ft of outdoor training space giving us almost 10,000 sq ft to play with! Whoo ho!

What do YOU want to see in our new outdoor space? Comment below for a chance to win a FREE Hive hat!

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So i’ve been struggling with having a positive body image for a few years, I love being active but i’m not naturally gifted like some people, so at my old gym everything I did I had to work insanely hard to be at a decent level compared to everyone else, and still I never left a workout feeling good about what i did… it was just never enough in my opinion! But at the Hive I leave a workout feeling strong and happy!


Muskoka Hive is an incredible space to fulfill your fitness goals. A large space for all types of work outs and a very clean environment including professional service from the owner and staff. Not to mention, Fiona’s inclusive attitude for all abilities to have a safe space to workout is truly a bright spot for our community and should be something all gyms strive for.



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