Hey Hivers!

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for the ongoing kindness, support, encouragement on what has-and continues to be- an incredibly challenging time. For ALL of us. Thank you for the check ins and conversations. Miss seeing you here.

Yesterday’s announcement allows us to plan to move forward with CLASSES!

Effective June 14th ( or within 24 hours fo the Government announcement at what time they choose), HIVE LIVE CLASSES will take place outside in our 2500 square foot, enclosed outdoor space! Yup- classroom #6! We are currently renovating and adapting space to accommodate a variety of classes. I miss Jenni, Mel, Robyn, Tasha, Adam and Jane too! Our running programs are currently being adapted for the updated roadmap.

We faithfully and respectuflly follow and EXCEED all current and upcoming changing guidelines for capacity, coaching, training and community health advocacy. Your health and safety remains the TOP focus.

We are legally open under the OADA re-opening framework guidelines and restrict the amount of persons in during every 90 minute segment of time. Pre booking on the app remains mandatory for gym entry. Our safety plan is comprehensive, detailed and is open for review. Any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with me.

I am sending empathy, love❤, respect and kindness to every small business owner who is struggling, every family juggling online schooling, every awesome kid who is missing their friends, every person who is scared and unsure of what happens today.

Please consider vaccination for the survival of my business and so many others. Waiting for a full open in the end of JULY is heartbreaking on every level.

I want is to be of service to others to increase and energize community health,movement and inspire people to get excited about the wealth that is health. WERF- wellness, exercise,resilience and fun.

We are more than 4 walls and dumbbells- we are the HIVE.

xx fyonna🐝

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