Hive Muskoka is up and running again starting Monday, March 8 at 5:30 am for open gym times, followed by 6 classes from Zumba to Abs/Jabs to 2 Hot Yoga classes. We meet you where you are with light, experience, adaption skills, and no judgment on what/ where/ who you need to be.
We have so much fun here, and we’d love to see you too!

Over 35 classes a week featuring Zumba, yoga, hot yoga, strength, dance, and FUN with the BEST rates in Muskoka for a safe, efficient, effective, and enjoyable workout/class community.


$59.99 for unlimited classes ( 25 a week), $79.99 for gym/class unlimited, and $120.00/month for unlimited Hive Hot Yoga. We also are offering a special promotion for all access fun- unlimited gym/classes/hot yoga classes for $149.99/month and includes a free Muskoka Craft Honey jar. All of these also have 15% off personal training/ merchandise. Plus of course HST.
We offer 30 minute and 1-hour pt sessions with package pricing, fascial patterning assessment, and foot foundational work to support you from the foot up!

Join us for wellness, education, resilience, and FUN. Find YOUR WERF (wellness, education, resilience, and FUN) at Hive Muskoka.

We are more than 4 walls and dumbbells. We are Hive Muskoka. A gym about social enterprise, community growth, and building Muskoka health, movement, and resilience.
Missed you, see you soon!

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