Programs that help to support your goals and health.

Aim for that target

Designed for quality, inclusiveness and fun.

Fitness Classes

Our community rocks! We cater to the beginner and the person looking for a challenge in a safe space. We have several classes such as TRX, Zumba, Bolly-X Fitness, HIIT, and dance party cardio as well as strength programs such as function classes, non heated yoga classes, hybrid classes like Yogilates, and classes to build flexibility, balance, coordination and a variety of movement in 3 expansive class studios. We do this with adaptive mindset 7 days a week, live AND virtually. What will work best for you? Let us know!

Personal Training

Where do you want to start, and what steps to start on the path to where you want to be, while still respecting the place you are at right now… all of these are the empathy based mindset that Hive is known for. We work with clients from the teen new to weights to the long term care resident craving mobility and balance. We offer in house, virtual a offsite coaching packages. We’ve also got a strong referral base from physicians to physio because of our diverse skillset and collaborative attention to detail.

Nutritional Coaching

Are you struggling with food behaviors that just don’t support who you are and where you want to be? Allergies? Specific food plans? Menopause adaptions? At Hive- our nutritional expertise, along with truly delicious meal plans and strategies to nourish your health will help! We also ensure that you develop ways to LOVE eating, and enjoy what you eat. We don’t count calories, we count on enjoying our food whatever it may be- from an apple to Oreos. Food shaming- it’s so over. We also offer a referral system for eating disorders.

Hive Hot Yoga

Hive Hot Yoga nurtures, strengthens and restores mind, body and spirit. Our privately heated studio has classes from warm restorative (84-88 degrees) to active power flow (102-105 degrees). Hot Yoga supports immunity, better flexibility, builds bone density, reduces stress, nourishes the skin and alleviates depression.

Our hot yoga program offers yoga mats, bolsters, straps, balls and blocks to facilitate a variety of adaptive class experiences. Classes 7 days a week.

Namaste-stay a while. For restoration, for strength, for calmness and for flexibility.


Are you tired of scales? Are you exhausted from weighing yourself and being number triggered? So are we. Styku is a medical peer reviewed 3d assessment tool with current data from the WHO . Get screened for underlying conditions as well as body measurements. See exactly where your training is at, get medical support for accuracy. This system supports people up to 550 pounds and provides an extensive report with a plan, progress reports and more! This state of the art assessment tool lets you see results immediately.

Facility Rental Space

At Hive- we are a social enterprise gym that works to build community health. We offer rooms/ facility rental options from workshops, meetings, training programs, private counselling and more. Prices are comfortable, and we offer pre/post cleaning as well as chairs/tables and potential instructors as needed. We have over 7300 square feet inside and 2500 square feet outside to support a safe, accessible and inclusive space. We have been lucky enough to host sports teams, a multi day video and manual shoot with canfitpro.

Open Gym Space

Are you tired of working out in your basement/garage/bedroom and crave a place away from home to workout? At Hive we have over 4000 square feet of resistance training equipment/machines and an extensive cardio equipment area that is available for use-FULLY SUPERVISED 7 days a week. Additionally -class spaces can be used by members for a more private workout, and we offer extensive cleaning/ sanitizing practices. Remember- each membership comes with a free 20 minute assessment! Let’s help in learning the machines, equipment and unique adaptions for your program.

Canfitpro Certifications

As the world’s leading fitness education certification, Hive Muskoka is the proud host of canfitpro Academy- we certify people in foundation based courses in nutrition, personal training, fitness, fascial assessments and CPR/AED support. We offer live and virtual courses and exams. Check out the most current dates at Fyonna Vanderwerf is an award winning presenter for canfitpro and speaks extensively on diversity, empathy coaching and risk management. Getting certified/being mentored has never been so much fun!