Being safe, being effective, being enjoyable, and being efficient is super important at HIVE MUSKOKA, as well as exceeding provincial COVID-19 safety guidelines. At HIVE MUSKOKA. We will be having up to 10 people in our classroom space and only up to 8 people within our gym space. Covid compliance is also a part of our cleaning strategy: We fog and disinfect before and after every class. We close for half an hour between our regulated 90 minutes time slots to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned before the next slot. We are proactive with safety and integrity for our members as well as our instructors who will always maintain a safe physically distancing space between class participants as well.

Within all our spaces HIVE MUSKOKA has added in a couple of things to make sure that everyone has a safe, enjoyable, and effective workout. HIVE does this by making sure that:

  • Temperatures are taken before people come into the facility
  • A sign off form stating that they are feeling healthy and fabulous
  • Hands are sanitized masks are worn throughout the facility during times of heavy exertion, masks are safely removed and proper spacing exists
  • Our safety plan is posted throughout the facility and at our entrance along with capacity numbers
  • Equipment is wiped down before and after use
  • We maintain fresh air circulation by having fresh air openings in every room, along with a brand new HVAC system with raised ceilings and regularly replaced air filters
  • The physical distancing between all of our members at all times
  • Contactless lighting/spacing as well in our change room areas
  • We are spraying and disinfecting with our fogger, we are wiping down before and after class, and during classes, we are wearing masks.

Schedule Changes

At HIVE MUSKOKA we are just as excited as you are to be back in action in our 7300 square foot facility. All our classes will be running! We do have a little bit of a reduced schedule in the first two weeks of coming back from lockdown while we are in red – just to make sure everything is going the way things need to be. So please do not forget to book your time slot before you come to visit us: go to, download the HIVE MUSKOKA app, choose the class and the time.

We are also offering HIVE HOT YOGA for the first time (which we are very excited about!); it will be on a separate schedule for our Hive Hot Yoga and All-Pass Members.

What Can I Do to Help Keep it Safe?

We are having 5 at the HIVE rules: We are always wearing masks, always keeping our hands clean, always keeping our hands away from our face, always practicing safe 9 maintaining the good space between. If you forget your mask – don’t worry, we have extra here. Mask compliance is one of our guarantees of a safe place.

If you are feeling coughy, sneezy, not 100%, we would ask that you remain at home until you are feeling better. We are always happy to send you some of our pre-recorded classes and programs for you to do at home.
Starting in March, we will also be offering FITNESS BUBBLES- where you and a group of friends can book a private series of classes ( including hot Hive Yoga) and it’s just for you! This is perfect for people who want to exercise, but need to restrict contact with others

 Is There a Training Opportunity for Those Who Stay at Home?

As a HIVE MUSKOKA member, if you are just not feeling quite ready to come back to us, we totally understand. So, one of the proactive measures we are doing is our large library of pre-taped classes and 20-minute exercise programs that you can access at any time in your home space. Additionally, we do offer home gym services either with virtual coaching; we are also happy to evaluate the space that you have and prep you up with gym equipment so you can have a gym at home if that is what you would prefer to have. As always, Hive Muskoka is about community health and movement so you could do that at home we would love to support you.
It’s all about enjoying yourself at the HIVE. Because we are more than four walls and dumbbells – we are the HIVE!

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