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Muskoka Avocado ToastBy Fyonna VanderwerfAn easy way to get a solid day of awesome is to start the day out with quality eating is Muskoka Avocado Toast. Finding something easy to make that contains fat, protein, fibre and carbohydrates is a hit out of the ballpark. Fats support cell membrane integrity, fibre supports healthy immune and digestive systems, carbohydrates provide energy and protein helps us build. Plus, the richness of the green found in avocados (especially by using a spoon to pull the greenest bits off the inside of the skin) is especially yummy. For anyone going through hormonal challenges, this recipe is a powerhouse of support. For those who are not fans of breakfast, this could also be an amazing lunch or afternoon snack. This is also a killer dip for chips, crackers and overtop cold noodles with a hint of chili powder.
Muskoka Pumpkin SmoothieBy Fyonna VanderwerfThis Muskoka Pumpkin Smoothie is a good and delicious option for boosted support as we transition into fall. Honestly, this smoothie should be wearing a cape! It delivers a nutritional punch!

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